Barney 12 Weeks after his Conventional Cruciate Repair
Barney had his 12 week ACL repair check up this week. His knee has been a bit sore over the last couple of days and he's just started turning his leg out when he walks. However, his repair is intact and there is no drawer movement. When his stifle was flexed he was a bit apprehensive and its going to be sore and stiff for a while longer whilst he builds up more scar tissue. It could be six months before he's fully recovered - but I'd settled for that as he's very athletic and big for his breed. He's dropped from 33 kilos pre-op to 31.5 but has no muscle loss, and he looks very lithe and fit. He's now up to a couple of miles a day on his lead over three walks, depending on how he feels. He does seem less stiff after exercise and his yelps seem to come when he's getting out of his bunk and in the first 100 yards or so.
So he'll be confined in his crate for another month and kept apart from the others so there's no rough-stuff and he'll continue to have separate walks but some exercise can be off lead if he's in a 'trustable' mood and we'll slowly introduce him back to the others at quiet times in the house.

I think if there's one thing I've learned throughout the past couple of months its that confinement and a good exercise regime is the key to a good recovery.

Our next visit is in another month on 26th July which will be four months after Barney's op. I'm loaning his crate to someone who is having lab pups early August so Barney had just better get his act together otherwise it could be very crowded in there and I don't think he'd be best pleased !