Barney Day 12 - Stitches Removed
Today, Saturday 21st April 2001, Barney had his stitches removed following his cruciate repair. Barney's vet, Ian Killian of Brown and Nuttall Heathfield, is pleased with his progress.

We're just off for our first quarter of a mile walk around the lanes. Its a lovely bright day, if not exactly warm.

Over the next month we'll gradually build up to one a a half miles a day around the fields and lanes. Our next appointment is in four weeks for a progress check.

He'll still be crated because of the other dogs and cats in the house. It also gives him peace and quiet and a place of his own to relax and recouperate with his favourite possessions.

Over the next five days we'll be weaning him off Metacam medication and watching his weight.

We hope all the other Orthodogs are progressing well !