Barney back at Home after Cruciate Ligament Repair
What a sorry boy. The leg bandage says 'Ouch!' in many different languages (Autsch!, Aei! and I can't read the rest).

Ian Killian of Brown & Nuttall who performed the surgery said the operation went well. The ligament was 95% torn but very little sign of arthritis and no damage to the meniscus. Considering the damage its amazing he could do so much.

Naturally he's whining a little and is very spaced out but he's had a chicken dinner and wants more.

Tonight he's starting on a short course of anti-biotics. 10 days in his indoor kennel to start with and only comfort breaks on a short lead in the yard. Tomorrow he'll have a dose of Metacam for any pain, his bandage will be removed and we'll start 10 minutes of physio a couple of times a day - also massage. (I tried some tonight and this seemed to quieten him down and send him to sleep after his dinner, but he's just woken up again).

I suppose the hard work starts here.

Fingers crossed for a quiet night. I'm exhausted after the worry of today.

Toys are at the ready for when he feels up to it.